“Let’s meet!” camp

Recommended period: start of the school year


Classi prime delle scuole medie inferiori e superiori , classi di nuova formazione.


L’obiettivo generale del progetto è facilitare le relazioni tra studenti della stessa classe, promuovendo il contesto del gruppo classe come elemento importante per la crescita e lo sviluppo individuale e come base per la creazione di relazioni.

Specific targets

  • enhance individual differences;
  • to promote the knowledge of oneself and of the other and to encourage reflection on one’s own relational modalities;
  • encourage the ability to cooperate with others and work in groups;
  • to develop a sense of welcome and integration between the pupils who were previously known and the new classmates;
  • to promote interaction and the ability to communicate effectively and to express one’s own point of view;
  • participate in class life.

In order to involve young people and allow them to learn by experimenting with emotions and experiences, an active-participatory mode of intervention to be implemented in the open air will be used. The privileged methodology provides for the use of the group as a work tool. During the stay there is the baptism of the horse: visit of the stables and presentation of the modus vivendi of the animal, small equestrian trial with the horse riding technicians in the field.


2 day stay:



3 day stay:



For each class there are N ° 1 non-paying teacher accompanying every 10 boys.

Any additional teachers will have a discounted cost of 10% compared to the children’s quota.


For classes requiring it, some class meetings can be arranged with Dr. Michela Scapola, the project’s exponent, before and after the stay.

The costs include meals, selected activities, the presence of one or more animators and / or riding technicians and the statutory VAT.

Bed linen and towels are not included in the rates. Possible additional cost: € 7,00 per child.