The “Mulino di Mattie”, for horse-riders and nature’s lovers.

The stone and the wood,
The steps among the chestnuts
and the oak tree leaves,
The fresh air smelling thymus,
Wild fennel,  savory winter ,
The crackling of the fireplace on chilly days.
The nature of the place
Together with the pleasure of being welcome,
The pleasure of  hospitality and
The pleasure of meeting new people,
Make the “Mulino di Mattie”
An ideal resort for gourmands and
For nature and horse lovers…




The “Mulino di Mattie” is situated in the beautiful Susa Valley, 50 kms far from Turin and just 25 kms from the sites of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

The “Mulino” is surrounded by the mountains of the Alpi Cozie Natural Park, one of the most important park in Piedmont ( and it can offers you peaceful moments and a relaxing times.

Are you looking for a nice rest and some relax?

Enjoy the “sound of silence” sitting near our fireplace, wait the sunset reading a good book in the shadow of a walnut-tree. Sunbathe lying in a smooth bed of soft grass.

Do you love Nature?

Take a walk around with our expert guides, spying on deers, foxes and eagles and, if you are brave enough, looking for the wolf.

Are You looking for something special? Are you a good horse – rider?

Take a ride on our horses, run through the forest.

Enjoy some fresh air on your face, breath the atmosphere of our land.

What about the food?

Try every morning our home made “focaccia” and any kind of chees and sausages you like.

Enjoy a good italian coffè or a cup of tea served with delicious cakes, with marmalade and jam!

Have your lunch and your dinner in our restauran: try some traditional and tasty dishes, in the way our “nonne” (grannies!) used to do.


The ” Mulino di Mattie” is …

  • 10 kms far from Susa.

Susa is a small town, founded by the Romans in 8 A.D.

A celtic community lived in that area before the Romans’ arrival.

Discover the past. admire the Roman Arch and the arena.

Sit on the big rocks where the druids used to sacrifice their enemies.

Visit the beautiful Cathedral and the Castle, built in the Middle Ages.

  •  20 Kms far from the Fortress of Exilles.

The imponent building  was built to protect the Italian border from the French attacks and it has been destroyed by Napoleon during the XVIII century.Visit its dungeons and walk under the fortress roof…

the legend tells that the Fortress of Exilles, hosted a particular guest for a long time: the Iron mask  probably, says the legend, the real King of France).

  • 25 Kms far from the most important sites of the 2006 Olympic Winter games: Bardonecchia, Oulx, Sauze d’Oulx, Cesana, Claviere and their gorgeous ski slopes.
  • 20 minutes far from PIan del Frais, a perfect place if you want to spend one day skiing in peace!
  • The Lakes of Avigliana, where you can try to sail with the help of some expert sailing trainers.



Antipasti  / Hors d’oeuvre

  • Salami and ham from the Susa Valley
  • Mocetta (deer ham) with “vinaigrette
  • Artichoke stuffed with cheese  and herbs
  • Frichè (fried bread dough)
  • Capunet (cabbage roll with meat
  • Flan peppers with anchovy sauce
  • Artichoke omelette
  •   “Rabbit terrine”


Primi / Main Courses

  • Small lasagne
  • served with butter, thyme and walnuts
  • Large  ravioli stuffed with potatoese and mint, in tomato sauce
  • Agnolotti (squared ravioli) stuffed with meat, served with farmmade fresh butter
  • Beans Soup
  • Noodles with mushrooms
  • Pumpkin’s dumplings with “Toma” (local cheese) sauce
  • Tajarin (Homemade fine noodles) with sausage sauce
  • Home made “Tagliatelle” with basil, zucchini and fresh tomato


Secondi / Second Courses  

  • Tenderloin steak in red wine sauce and Juniper berries
  • Fried mushrooms
  • Local cheese
  • Vegetable pie
  • Local trout with butter and sage
  • Fassone Pot Roast
  • Breaded and fried lamb cutlets
  • Duck breast with balsamic vinegar
  • Roast meat with pot herbs
  •  Breaded and fried lamb cutlets


Contorni/ vegetables

  • Season vegetables
  •  Fried polenta (sweet corn)


  • Ice cream with elderberries purée
  • Homemade pie
  • Candied milk cream pudding
  • Baked pears in red wine sauce
  • Tiny apple pies
  • Chocolate smooth cream
  • Tiramisù” with zabaione cream
  • Paste di meliga( home made traditional cookies) with smooth nougat cream



Single room: 50,00 Euros per night

Double room: 80,00 Euros per night

Triple room: 90,00 Euros per night



65,00 Euros per person/per night

Discount: 60,00 Euros per person/per night ( 3 NIGHTS MINIMUM)



75,00 Euros per person/per night

Discount: 65,00 Euros per person/per night ( 3 NIGHTS MINIMUM)

During the week end: 80,00 Euros, per person/per night

Special prices for children and families.

Remember: your “hairy” and loving pets are WELCOME!!!



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