Camps for schools

Our center has been operating in the school tourism sector since 1983, hosting nursery, elementary, middle and high school classes.

Our proposals have as strong points the natural environment and its study, the horse world and the equestrian activity.

The activities, conducted by competent staff, provide an approach to the environment from a purely naturalistic point of view, with the observation of flora and fauna in the area, both anthropological, through the observation of human settlements, their social development. – economic and human influence on the ecosystem.

The observation in the field, the collection of materials and news, the games of perception and orientation, are the tools that allow us to identify the places visited by collecting a more complete image.

The memory of a pleasant experience is given by a series of perceptions and emotions: the stronger the memory and nostalgia, the more the experience will remain in our knowledge.

The ingredients to remain a good memory are numerous and all important: the reception of the structure and of the people who conduct the activities, the intensity with which the programs are carried out, the care and quality of the proposed foods.