Equestrian center

Riding as a meeting between man and horse, to understand the animal’s way of being, its habits, the care it needs.
By learning this art, it sometimes happens that you discover something meaningful about yourself.
Of course, riding means Equestrian Technique, and the Mulino offers activities for all levels.
The structure consists of two stables for a total of 25 boxes, a clubhouse with office, dressing room, saddlery and shower, a covered field and an open field both in silica sand.


Baby school, basic school, school and specialization for more experienced riders.

Horse trekking, horse rides outdoors. Handling lessons with expert technicians.


Mr Pier Giorgio Sica

Mrs Chiara Ghirardello

Mr Stefano Moretta

External collaborators

Mrs Clara Borgogna: 3rd level instructor (he is present a few times a month at our center).


The area of particular naturalistic and landscape interest, offers the opportunity to discover riding safe and reliable horses, mountain places of great emotional impact.

The proximity to the Parco Alpi Cozie and a dense network of trails and forest trails, allow us to propose horse rides outdoors of different commitment and duration.

The centrality of the Mulino di Mattie compared to some alpine routes (the Via Francigena, the GTA, the path of the Knights of the Shroud) allows us to offer programs of excursions of several days, paths in daisy, with the return to the center in the evening, enjoying all the conveniences for horses and riders.

SEASON 2018 – 2019

Horse riding at the Mulino di Mattie

Appointments from Sunday 16 September 2018


Course for riders with good experience (good running at three gaits)

The course will aim to improve one’s equestrian technique, work on the level and on small obstacles, participation in a show jumping competition.

Every Sunday from 10.00 to 12.00

One Wednesday a month for a supervision with the 3rd level technician Clara Borgogna.


Basic course for knights of average experience (the ability to conduct walking and trotting is required)

Improvement of position and balance in the saddle, management of the three gaits, exercises to approach the show jumping.

Alternate Sundays from 15.00 to 17.00
Alternate Thursdays from 15.00 to 17.00






all day or half-day walks are under definition.

The dates will be communicated from time to time, so it is important for those interested, follow us on the site or on our Facebook profile.



Lessons and horse rides outdoors: € 22,00 per hour ( + € 3.00 daily insurance)
Tesserino 10 hours: € 200,00 (+ € 70.00 annual accident insurance, membership fee and FISE CLUB type license)
Horse trekking for one or more days: € 80,00 per day
Individual lessons 40 min.: € 22,00
For children under 10 years group lessons 40 min.: € 22,00
Rental horse stable: € 350,00 per month
Rental daily horse stable: € 15,00 per day


Equestrian Center Telephone: 3665932361